Who I am and how I got to HypnoBirthing®

hypnobirthing instructor baby mommy pregnant birthing Turkey

My name is Sarah, I live between three countries that I tend to call my homes by heart. My life can be very crazy and then will be very ordinary. I have hopes and dreams and of course also my fears. As I had them for the birth of our baby. I always felt like I should have a natural birth, but yea I was scared of pain and 

discomfort considering even planned C-section. But then, going through pregnancy, I learned about HypnoBirthing® as a birth preparation method connected to relaxation. As a yoga instructor with experience in meditation and breathing technics this seamed just the right thing for me. And it was!

Through HypnoBirthing I felt this amazing empowerment and connection with my body, my partner and my child during pregnancy and the birthing process. It made me feel I could handle anything through true trust into myself. The experience was intense and overwhelming, and also very very awesome.

At the end, I am truly grateful to have had a pure natural and healthy birth of our baby and a birthing that was beautiful, happy and the greatest experience in my life. 

To share this knowledge and inspire women to experience birth as a happy and joyful event brought me to teaching HypnoBirthing® courses. Learn more about my services and contact me today.