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Birth is a Natural, Normal and Healthy life experience. Not an illness or a medical condition.


Birth is the most normal and natural thing in a woman’s life. The woman's body is designed to give birth. Instinctively, a female body knows how to birth as well as the unborn baby knows how to be born.  Nothing could be more natural.

Yet many women are afraid of giving birth. They have heard frightening stories from family and friends or watched movies with scary, loud and screamy birthing scenes. 

Additionally, in many countries birthing is rather connected to hospitals and doctors, than to comfortable birth environments with mothers and midwives. In some countries, the rate of caesarean births has even exceeded that of natural birth or is increasingly high. Society has made mothers believe that major abdominal surgery of a c-seciton is safer and better than natural birthing.

But birth is natural! Birth is empowering! Birth is beautiful! HypnoBirthing® aims to dispel us from the fear surrounding birth and 

helps to empower women to believe in their deepest intuition and their instincts to birth naturally.

So what is natural birth? - mostly it means that we are talking about a vaginal birth. Baby coming out the same way it was conceived. And then there is a wide spectrum of options within a vaginal birth that you can design in a way you are aiming for. This can be from a very natural, totally unmedicated approach to a vaginal birth medicated and with epidural. All has its pros and cons. But only through learning about the options and consequences you can decide what is best for you.

And not only during birthing, already during pregnancy a mothers can build trust into her body and a relationship to her baby in a strong and natural way.