Birth Story

Truly the most beautful expereince in my life started on a sunny afternoon while we were having lunch out with friends. 40 weeks pregant, surges started and I just knew that this was the beginning of the long desired birthing process. Waves were 10-15 minutes apart and felt more like a tingeling tightening of the belly sensation – absolutely bearable. We finished our lunch date and went on a little walk with my husband. During surges, I would stop, close my eyes and focus on balloon breathing to help baby stretch the uterus tissue and widen the cervix. It also would give me a few seconds to focus on what was happening. Our baby was about to come what made me incredibly happy!

Arriving at home, after preparing last things for the hospital stay and tidying up the house, my husband lit some candles and turned on our labor music list. He was responsible for setting the mood. Early evening we informed our OB as well as our doula, but as surges were absolutely tolerable and unstable between 5-8 minutes apart, I decided to stay at home. I drank a lot of water (which can stabilize the frequency of surges) and took a warm relaxing shower bath – still continuing balloon breathing every time I felt a wave rolling in. My doula arrived around 9pm, I tried several birthing positions in the bath tub, showered standing up when it was more comfortable always trying to keep tummy over pelvis to have gravity help baby move downward. My doula was listening to the heartbeat of baby who seemed to be happy and healthy.

Surges were getting more intense and breathing them away was a joy. To me each surge was bringing me closer to finally holding baby. An besides me doing the laboring work, I continuously send my love to little one who was doing miraculous work inside my womb in order to finally see daylight. I even realized that bright smiling during surges would reduce the intensity of the sensations felt. That is something I use and practice from motivational trainings: a fake but bright and uninterrupted smile from one ear to the other will be perceived as true smile by mind and body after 30-45 seconds resulting in the release of endorphins which clearly added to the level of physical comfort and mental happiness to finally meet baby.

Do to my calm state of laboring, my doula foresaw still many hours of labor till baby would be born. And I was looking forward to this time, to finally listening to my hypnosis tracks and relaxation music, to try different positions and to finally give a HypnoBirthing birth. What I didn't realize that day is that I was already doing so much HypnoBirthing, even without audio tracks & co. – now I know that these are the true benefits of HypnoBirthing, when its tools become intrinsic. So, short before midnight I wanted to go to the hospital. As a self paying patient a new payable day in the hospital started at 5 minutes after midnight. We arrived 10 minuets prior to midnight and I made my husband and doula wait in the car with me despite rapidly increasing sensations during surges. This is where my bodies knowledge of relaxation, keeping a calm mind, combined with the breathing really helped. Here in the car waiting was when the natural expulsive reflex started and baby really wanted to move out. I kept quiet Being still in the car I only tried to relax and let my body do the motion it needed to do. My husband and doula didn't notice any of my sensations as I remained calm inside my birthing body. We walked into the hospital at 5 after midnight, received our room and the vaginal exam showed: fully open cervix. The OB only said: Sarah its time to push! This comment made me smile, I didn't even bother to replay, it only made me happy as it undoubtedly reassured the situation I was in: last phase of labor! Baby was about to come out! And therefore, I quietly started birth breathing. Sensations were strong, I started humming, this animalic vibration simply felt good and was calming, the fullness of my pelvis indicating the closeness to finally holding my baby in my arms, I had the picture of the crowning rose in front of my closed eyes, but more even desired and strongly though of the moment of holding my little one in my arms. There was a burning, there was hair, there was one shoulder out and then baby was on my chest in all its beauty. Nature is a miracle!

Little one was born at 0:43h in a calm, and gentle way I could not have imagined any better.